Wholesale Orders & Corporate Gifting

If you have a shop in South Africa or anywhere in the world that you think would suit our brands products then please send us an email: karebagssa@gmail.com

We are a kommunity centered brand and want to share our environmentally centered products with you.

We have wholesale price lists for our Kare Bags and more recently our Kare face masks.

Corporate orders & gifts
If you're a company looking for the perfect practical gift to say thank you to your clients or staff then kare bags are just for you.

We have a lot of experience producing customised face masks & bags for large and small companies. We've worked within the film industry and wine farms like Spier. We've also provided goodie bags for Woolworths & loyalty membership gifts for UCook.

We look forward to meeting you and creating a tailor made product that's right for you and your compmay and at the same time provides much needed jobs for disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Send us an email: karebagssa@gmail.com.