Who We Are


We are a brand for eco-conscious consumers who want to live a low waste lifestyle. Our bespoke range of bags make shopping plastic-free easy, convenient and stylish for you. All our fabric is locally sourced and our cotton mesh is grown in Africa and manufactured at one of the oldest mills in South Africa. We have worked with a fabric engineer to ensure that the consistency and texture of our mesh fabric is durable and lends itself to plastic-free shopping. 

"Our commitment is to ensure that we make plastic-free shopping easy for you by producing original bags that are thoughtfully designed for this purpose".

In a world of fast fashion where faster & cheaper is valued over the rights of the people, we believe that everyone involved in our company should benefit from it. We have a strong bond with all our machinists and are grateful for all their hard work & talent. The company would not exist without their skill and attention to detail.  Kare provides sustainable employment for the ladies who produce our bags. When you purchase our products you support a whole range of other local businesses and individuals.

We use 100%, BCI approved cotton for our bags. Our cotton mesh is 100% unbleached cotton yarn, grown in Africa & manufactured in Cape Town especially for us. The rest of our cotton is sourced from established fabric suppliers around the country.

Kare Kustomers:
"Shopping is voting" thank you for voting for our local business"
By refusing plastic & fast fashion you stand up for the planet.