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The #whomadeyourclothes question originally posed by the @fash_rev movement encourages everyone to think about the hands behind their clothes. Do you know who made your clothes, their names, where they are from, how they are treated or how much they are paid? The revolution focuses on dissecting why only a handful of people benefit from the clothing manufacturing industry. The promise of globalisation was supposed to be a win win situation. It was supposed to provide an opportunity for people in third world countries to earn an income. However, the business models of the businesses controlling the market are flawed. Huge brands in first world countries operate on a PURELY PROFIT driven basis. They produce cheap, bad quality products at the...

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Where to shop low waste in Cape Town

Grocery stores with nude sections in cpt: PNP CONSTANTIA PNP HOUT BA PNP PLUMSTEAD FOOD LOVER'S MARKET NUDE FOODS SHOP ZERO ORGANIC ROUTE ORANJEZICHT MARKET SPAR CONSTANTIA SPAR SEA POINT      Subscribe to our youtube channel for more tips:           Kare Kollective

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Kare Konnect

This page is dedicated to helping you find a reliable charity that resonates with you. These companies will assist those who are most vulnerable in our Kommunity. In these difficult & uncertain times there is nothing like the power of standing together and helping those in need to make us feel stronger. One way to feel more Konnected during a time of isolation is to kontribute to a common cause; feeding our kommunity is of utter importance. The companies or charities mentioned below are all doing their bit to help improve the lives of millions of individuals. Let's keep konnected #WeKare You can donate to these charities online. Visit their websites for more details. Ladles of Love not only has...

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