Kare Konnect

This page is dedicated to helping you find a reliable charity that resonates with you. These companies will assist those who are most vulnerable in our Kommunity. In these difficult & uncertain times there is nothing like the power of standing together and helping those in need to make us feel stronger. One way to feel more Konnected during a time of isolation is to kontribute to a common cause; feeding our kommunity is of utter importance. The companies or charities mentioned below are all doing their bit to help improve the lives of millions of individuals. Let's keep konnected #WeKare

You can donate to these charities online. Visit their websites for more details.

Ladles of Love not only has a donation feature but you can also contribute by making sandwiches and having them collected straight  from your house by the Ladels of Love team. Instead of watching Netflix, you can spread your way into bonding with your family in the kitchen. 

UCOOK promised to match and double every donation from their Meal Kit sales, or you can donate straight to their food fund.

Food Forward SA has a wonderful measurable impact scale on their website which allows you to feel how your contribution impacts our kommunity.

Cans With Purpose has raised 350k in just 20 days.

E-media has created a covid-19 relief fund through partnering with the HCI fund. They've already raised 8million rand.

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent.

Let's Feed Jbay is a fundraiser created by the local surf community aimed at protecting the vulnerable in their beautiful town.



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